Sunday, October 9, 2011

Free ; The Future Of a Radical Price”.


Chris explained in his book that by providing free price of a product, manufacturers can still benefit financially as well as popularity among consumers. The value of a product not only must be converted to a nominal value of money, but also could be worth as a popularity or power spread wider if given for free.
Digital economy is growing along with the development of the Internet contribute to the economic paradigm for free. Internet-based technologies where the bytes of the technology of existing content or service is digital. Not a physical form (Chris Anderson paraphrase with atomic technology). That ultimately the cost to manufacture the product is very low compared byte producing atomic technology.
Real examples of companies that developed the free economy in the era of the internet has been quite a lot. It could even be mentioned has been very closely with our lives. Suppose Google, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, sec .. com.
Google's Internet giants of the world were considered sufficient to successfully deliver products and services are free and very useful for internet users. Starting from the Google search service, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Picassa, Sketch Up. Google products are quality provided free of charge to users. Making the Internet users interested in using Google. Google ultimately not benefit financially from selling services, but one of them through targeted advertising. Smart and elegant way to "monetize" the amount of users who use Google services.
Facebook Hem, who is not familiar with these social media services?. Even the founder Mark Zuckerberg has been named as person of the year 2010, as judged able to facilitate people interacting socially on the internet. Like Google, Facebook and all social media services as attract hundreds of millions of customers to use it. And all services are free. Twitter was doing the same strategy. Micro-blogging site provides a free service for users to interact with 140 characters.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia provides access to information on the results from the contribution of thousands of people over the internet. Wikipedia contributors even this is not paid, but they get the satisfaction and recognition. Wikipedia as a free encyclopaedia able to counter the Encyclopedia Britannica had already been paid and recognized.
Examples of free economy enough "magic" is the second news site .. com. This news portal that provides free news continually updated at any time. Financial benefits for seconds .. com obtained from advertisements in news sites.
Other free economic strength is the legendary computer operating system Linux operating system that competes with pay; Microsoft Windows. Linux OS has enough strength in the computer operating system market share end-user or server.Although many people who criticize the free economy, this book is written with slick by Chris Anderson (who is also the editor of Wired magazine) are very interesting to read. Many case studies of how an economic activity can be free and continue to provide financial benefits for its perpetrators.


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